Two Poems

“Here are we, one magical moment, such is the stuff/ From where dreams are woven,” – from “Station to Station,” a David Bowie song that has always occupied a special little enclave in my soul.

I am very excited and honored that two of my poems will appear in two amazing sci-fi/fantasy magazines that I have long hoped to be published in:

  • “The Hawk-Woman’s Prophecy,” will appear next month month in Strange Horizons
  • “Morgan Le Fay at the Downtown Mall,” will appear this summer in Mythic Delirium

In 2015, after something of a hiatus, I decided to start writing again creatively, seriously, and also importantly, submitting. Mostly poetry at the moment. So, it’s really wonderful to be engrossed properly in writing again and share this news.

Moonlit poetry

Poetry under one minute…

You are splendor underneath
an almost full night moon
before its eclipse.

You are love
underneath the redwood trees
immortal and undying
below the night scape.